Things to do

Things to do : Once at Mango Village Resort , there are many activities to indulge in to make your holidays memorable. From jet ski rides in the sea to boat rides in the Vasishthi river and from fishing in the Modakasagar Lake to trekking in the lush green forests. We also organize a fascinating Mango and Cashew Picking Tour to celebrate all things about mangoes and cashews.

Guhagar is a nature's paradise. It is an ideal location for 'Bird Watching' with hundreds of local and migratory birds by the serene water bodies. One can also catch a school of playful Dolphins in the sea or a float of fierce Crocodiles resting along the riverside. Look out for our specially designed Yoga & Meditation workshops to break away from your routine and feel relaxed.

Mango Village Resort offers Special Coastal Konkan Packages for visiting groups. Upon request, we can arrange beachside parties, musical events, dinners on the river cruise, adventure sports, barbecue dinners with campfire, and many more.

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