Once at Mango Village Resort, there are a number of activities on offer to make your stays memorable. From jet ski rides in the sea to boat rides in the Vasishthi river, and from fishing and rowing in the Modakagar Lake to trekking in the lush green forests.

Guhagar is also an ideal location for ‘bird watching’ with hundreds of local and migratory birds that you can watch in the adjoining forests or by the serene water bodies. One can also catch a school of playful dolphins in the sea or a float of scary crocodiles resting along the riverside.

Amazing Garden
Amazing Garden
Amazing Garden

Amazing Garden
Amazing Garden
Amazing Garden
There are a number of tourist spots within a short driving distance of Mango Village Resort that you can visit. They include…
  • Shri Vyadeshwar Temple - 1 km
  • Anjanwel Lighthouse - 10 kms
  • Dabhol/Harne Fish Markets - 15/25 kms
  • Hedvi Ganesh Temple - 25 kms
  • Velneshwar beach - 15 kms
  • Gopalgarh Fort - 10 kms
  • Parushram Temple - 50 kms
  • Ganputipule - 80kms
  • Pratap Garh - 138 Kms
  • Mahabaleshwar - 151 Kms